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Keep things cool with aquarium chillers

Keep your aquarium on the cool side with an aquarium chiller from Petco. Water temperature plays a huge role in keeping your subtropical or cold water fishy friends happy and healthy. Aquarium chillers are often necessary for maintaining ideal tank temperatures for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

A great variety of fish can benefit from setups that use an aquarium chiller. Many popular freshwater species, like rosy barbs and zebra danios, thrive in water temperatures around 70°F. Goldfish and weather loaches can live comfortably in 55-65°F waters. On the saltwater side of the spectrum, temperate marine aquarium setups usually need a water temperature ranging from 50°F to 70°F. For such instances where your aquarium needs colder environments, a fish tank chiller is an ideal solution.

An aquarium chiller is perfect for your aquarium if the ambient temperature gets too warm and threatens to affect your water. The summer months can cause huge fluctuations in indoor tank climates, pushing even tropical tanks to the upper limits of their ideal water temperature. An aquarium cooler can help release heat in the water to better regulate temperatures and prolong fish health. Find the aquarium chiller that fits your tank best at Petco.