Aquarium Filters

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Fish Tank & Aquarium Water Filters

Aquarium and fish tank filters help maintain the health and well-being of your fish while also keeping your water clear. At Petco we have a wide variety of power filters, canister filters and under-gravel filters for your fish tanks. The right filter is a crucial part of properly maintaining your aquarium. Discover our other products for fishkeeping: aquarium lighting and hoods, water conditioners and additives, heaters and chillers, and more fish supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquarium Filters

The filter in a fish tank keeps the water clear and free of debris, such as plant material, leftover food, waste products from the fish, and other toxic compounds that are dangerous to your aquarium pets.

Where a filter goes depends on the type of filter you have. For example, internal filters, corner box filters and under-gravel filters all require different placements in order to work properly. Make sure you research which type of filter your aquarium needs, and the manufacturer’s directions that come with it.

Every fish tank requires some sort of filtration. Determine whether your aquarium needs chemical filtration using chemical media, mechanical filtration using a powered filter, biological filtration, or a combination of these.

The right way to clean your filter depends on the type of filter you have. Make sure you follow cleaning instructions that come with your mechanical filter in order to remove the particulate matter it has trapped.

That depends on the type of filtration system you have. We recommend replacing carbon filters monthly. Some biological filters are built to never clog, so will not need to be replaced. And other mechanical filters only need to be replaced if they become too clogged to function properly.