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aquarium ornaments: cool fish tank ornaments & decorations

Shop for aquarium ornaments at Petco and find fun and beautiful ways to add character, light up, reduce stress, and even aerate the water within your pet's aquatic habitat. Fish tank ornaments come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can easily decorate without worrying about crowding or underutilizing their space.

With the wide selection of cool fish tank decorations in-stock, you can set up a great themed motif or throw together an eclectic mix of characters and props. If you're looking to educate and pique a child's interest in underwater life, there are also many licensed character aquarium ornaments available. You can also mimic your fish's natural habitat with some lifelike coral and underwater garden tank ornaments.

You can also add a dramatic element to your fish's décor with one of our light-up aquarium ornaments. If you're worried about their energy source, these cool fish tank decorations use a safely sealed design to power up their light bulbs. Some pet owners use other fish tank ornaments or gravel to cleverly disguise their electrical cords.

Some aquarium ornaments double as shelter or hideaways, so your fish can easily duck out when they need to hide from stressors. This private place can allow them an opportunity to calm down and slow down their heart rates, which will help improve their physical health in the long run.

Other aquarium ornaments can also function as whimsical bubblers, so you can oxygenate their water with a cool animated fish tank decoration. Simply hook these fish tank ornaments up to an airline and watch them blow bubbles. If you don't use live aquarium plants, these fish tank ornaments can help you maximize space within smaller aquatic habitats. Provide your fish with a magical space to explore with Petco's wide selection of aquarium ornaments.

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