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Aquarium Stands 40 Gallons and Up

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Aquarium Stands 40 Gallons and Up

Highlight the natural beauty of your oversize aquarium with a high-quality tank stand. At Petco, we carry a wide selection of impressive stands designed specifically to support larger aquariums. Whether you’re searching for a standard 40 gallon tank stand, a deluxe 55 gallon tank stand or something even bigger, you’ll find the perfect option to fit your home and your style.

FAQs About 40+ Gallon Aquarium Stands

A filled 40 gallon aquarium can weigh 350 pounds or more once you’re done adding all the elements that make an aquarium a home, like substrate, lighting, filtration system and décor. That’s why it’s so important to choose a stand designed to support the weight of a large aquarium to keep your fish and their habitat safe.

Before you decide where you’re going to keep your aquarium, it’s important to know that a 60 gallon tank filled with water, gravel and décor will weigh more than 500 pounds. That amount of weight can put a significant strain on your floor or any structure you use to support the aquarium. So it’s best to use an aquarium stand specifically designed for oversize aquariums and double check to make sure your floor can support the combined weight of the stand and the filled aquarium.