Aquarium Stands 20 to 39 Gallons

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Aquarium Stands 20 to 39 Gallons

Showcase your aquatic habitat on a pedestal stand designed to complement your aquarium. Aquariums require the support of a strong and sturdy stand so they cannot be knocked over. We recommend double checking the weight or gallon limits of the stand. The size you choose must be stable enough to support the tank’s weight. The main goal is to keep your fish safe and secured in your home.

FAQs About 20 to 39 Gallon Aquarium Stands

That depends on the size and weight of your aquarium and the sturdiness of the dresser. But considering that a midsize aquarium can weigh more than 200 pounds, an aquarium stand specifically designed to securely support your aquarium is a better choice. Shop Petco’s wide range of tank stands to ensure the safety of your fish and your aquarium.

To keep your fish and aquarium safe, we do not recommend putting any aquarium on a stand that is not wide or long enough to fully support it.