Aquarium Kits Up to 10 Gallons

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10 Gallon Aquarium Kits

Setting up your first aquarium can be an exciting adventure, and a 10 gallon fish tank kit is a great aquarium way to begin. An aquarium kit contains the basic essentials needed to provide your fish a home. When selecting an aquarium kit, note which products are included to determine additional accessories needed. The 10 gallon aquarium kits at Petco generally include the tank, filtration and filters and trial sized food and water conditioner.

Frequently Asked Questions About 10 Gallon Aquarium Kits

The standard 10 gallon tank is 20 L x 11 W x 13 H inches.

Refer to the directions that come with your kit for set up. But, generally you will need to clean and assemble the tank, furnish your tank with the appropriate equipment and decorate according to your preferences. Allow approximately 48 hours for the aquarium to stabilize prior to adding your fish to their new home.