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Individual GloFish

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Individual GloFish for Sale

GloFish can be a vibrant and exciting addition or focus of a home aquarium! GloFish are now available in a variety of species including danios, barbs, tetras, sharks and bettas, and care should be provided as it would for their natural-colored species. Aquariums for GloFish should be a minimum of 5 gallons, however it is best to remember the "1 inch of adult fish per gallon" rule and choose an aquarium large enough to be suitable for the species of GloFish you choose, especially with those that are schooling fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glofish are not dyed- their bright colors come from a natural fluorescence gene that was added to the fish. All GloFish are captive-bred and the fluorescent color comes with natural breeding.

While GloFish do not need any unique care from their natural-colored counterparts, aquariums with black and neon decor and a black or blue light do enhance the appearance of their vibrant colors.

A minimum of 5 gallons is required, but as GloFish come in a variety of species, it is best to follow the one inch of adult fish per gallon rule when considering the size of your aquarium.