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Aquarium Decorations, Ornaments and More

Aquarium decorations can help turn a simple fish tank into a welcoming habitat. At Petco, we offer fish aquarium décor that is engaging and beneficial so that you can create the ideal underwater landscape for your fish. Choose from colorful artificial plants, jewel and glass gravel, swim-through aquarium ornaments and more to give your fish tank a personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fish tank ornaments serve a few purposes. Many fish like to shelter or retreat to cave spaces. Giving them areas to do that can add to their comfort and well-being. Live plants create a natural environment and offer filtration and aeration. You should provide substrate flooring, such as gravel. Aquarium ornaments offer a pleasing space for your fish and a decorative focal point in your home.

The aquarium decorations you choose should reflect your style with select items that are good for your fish, but also ones you enjoy. Mix artificial and live plants for color and texture, and pick gravel and rocks that fit your color scheme. Wood and log accents give an underwater forest feel, while castle or sunken ship ornaments add whimsical hideaways. Our selection of Petco aquarium décor provides various styles and colors and makes personalizing your fish tank fun.

There are many options for fish aquarium décor, and how to make it beautiful depends on your tastes. If you want to create a serene space that mimics nature, choose natural logs and wood with a variety of live plants and real-looking artificial plants. If you find bright colors and patterns more appealing, you can add vibrant, multi-colored gravel mixes and artificial plants in almost every hue. Fish tank backgrounds can provide a theme for your tank décor, and help to hide cords and tubes.

From large fish tank ornaments to small fish tank decorations, accessories can help add visual appeal and soothing effects. It’s good to know the exact dimensions of the bottom of your tank so you can judge which accessories to buy.

Once you have the proper aquarium tank, lights, filtration system and heater needed for your particular fish, the next stage is décor. The best fish tank decorations offer places for aquatic pets to retreat and explore without overcrowding. They should be designed to avoid sharp edges, flaking paint or harmful metals. All Petco fish tank décor are designed as aquarium-safe decorations sold by our trusted partners.