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Aquarium Backgrounds

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lifelike, colorful, 3D and other aquarium & fish tank backgrounds

Browse through Petco's aquarium backgrounds and discover an easy way to enhance the look of your fish tank. Aquarium backgrounds are available in a wide range of patterns and sizes so you can easily pick the right one for your fresh or saltwater fish tank. The waterproof material these aquarium backgrounds are often printed on means you can count on a long lasting décor solution. However, because these backgrounds are installed on the inside of your aquarium, you will likely need to commit to one design since it won't be easy to change it up once your system is up and running. For a tight seal against your glass or acrylic fish tank, you can use an aquarium background mounting solution spray. Simply apply an even coat to your fish tank background and apply to eliminate the refraction of light behind the glass. These aquarium background mounting solution sprays are usually easy to apply and remove and feature a non-toxic formula that prevents condensation.