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Aquarium Timers & Power Strips

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Aquarium Light Timers & Power Strips

Power strips and aquarium timers are often critical components to a successful aquarium set up. Timers and power strips are available as individual items or combos. Aquarium timer and power strip combos offer you the added equipment protections along with the built-in timing control for such devices as aquarium lighting. When using a power strip, always look for one that allows the strip to be mounted. Power strips should be placed in an area that will prevent any accidental exposure to spills and splashing from your aquarium. Both power strips and aquarium timers should be plugged into a grounded three-prong GFCI controlled outlet for added safety

FAQs About Aquarium Light Timers & Power Strips

Aquarium timers are primarily used for aquarium lighting. Using an aquarium timer will ensure your aquatic life maintains a consistent day and night cycle, along with taking one more task off your plate – remembering to turn your aquarium lights on and off.