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Fish Fungus & Bacteria Control

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Fish Fungus and Bacteria Treatments

Bacterial and fungal infections are commonly found in aquarium life from time to time. They typically originate from poor water quality, poor hygiene, infection from other aquatic life or other health issues that have gone untreated. The quicker you can identify an issue and start treating, the better chance your fish have of recovering. Some visible signs of illness to keep an eye out for include ulcers, cysts, decaying tissues or fins, or cottony growths. Common behaviors to watch for include fish holding their fins close to their body, erratic swimming, gasping for air or not eating/spitting food out.

FAQs About Fish Fungus and Bacteria Treatments

Most fungal infections occur as a secondary issue caused by parasites or bacterial disease. If a fungal infection does occur, most common types encountered are Achyla and Saprolegnia.

Mouth Rot or Columnaris, Fin Rot, Dropsy and Swim Bladder Disease are some of the more common bacterial diseases encountered.