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Aquarium Wood & Logs

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Aquarium Driftwood and Wood Décor

Commercially available driftwood is a natural way to provide hiding places, and even food sources for many aquatic species. They provide a landscape for beneficial bacteria and come in many shapes, colors and styles that can create a natural look in your pet’s habitat. Driftwood can be stacked, grows algae and plants and more to create a striking aquascape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquarium Driftwood and Wood Décor

It is never a good idea to put anything you find outside in your home aquarium. Driftwood is wood—fallen from trees or limbs—that has been washed upon shore from rivers and oceans. Wood can leach various chemicals making it imperative that only commercially available driftwood—that has been properly prepped for aquarium use—is added to your aquatic environment.

Driftwood provides natural hiding places and security for your aquatic life. It can also provide a food source for grazing bottom dwelling species, and are ornamental for natural or planted tanks.