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Finch & Canary Perches

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Canary and Finch Perches

Perches are an essential part of a proper finch or canary habitat, providing a place for your bird to securely stand where they feel safe above the ground. Perches may be single wooden dowels, ropes, imitate tree branches or even textured to help keep your bird’s nails trimmed. Providing an assortment of properly sized perches can help provide your bird with plenty of options to rest in their habitat, as well as encourage proper foot health. As you arrange the perches provide access to the feeder and waterer along with a few bird toys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canary and Finch Perches

Perches for a canary or finch should be at least ¼ to ½ inch in diameter. Providing a variety or perch sizes can help your bird(s) to exercise their feet to help prevent arthritis.

Multiple perches of appropriate, but varying sizes and textures should be arranged in your canary or finch habitat to exercise feet and help prevent arthritis.

A sand or concrete perch can help keep your bird's nails trimmed. Keep in mind that not every perch should be made of sand or concrete as constantly standing on those perches could cause sores on your bird's feet.