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Finch & Canary Cages

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Finch Cages

Canaries and finches do not spend much time outside of their habitat and will require a habitat designed to help keep them physically, mentally and socially stimulated. Provide the largest finch cage possible for your birds—since finches and canaries do better in pairs or multiples. A flight habitat is ideal with metal bar spacing no larger than ⅜ inch apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finches are social and active birds that live together in large groups in nature. This doesn't mean that they always do well in groups in a home. It is best to keep either a single pair or at least 3 pairs to make a flock—as long as the habitat is big enough.

By definition, a flight cage is a habitat large enough for a bird to fly around in for more than a few wing beats. Flight cages typically are larger than normal cages.

The best answer is the largest habitat you can afford and have room for. Keep in mind that the minimum size for one canary would be 18 W x 14 D x 18 H inches with metal bars spaced no farther than ⅜ inches apart.