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Fetch Dog Toys

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Dog Fetch Toys

Playing with a dog fetch toy with your pup is an age-old, classic game to bring the two of you together. Plus, ball toys can help encourage you—and especially your dog—to get the right amount of exercise to keep them strong and active. And one of the best innovations in the game of fetch in modern years has been the dog ball launcher. These dog ball throwers turn regular human arm strength into that of a baseball pitcher—allowing pet parents to throw further and for more extended periods to get your dog even more out of their exercise routine.

FAQs About Dog Fetch Toys

Dog fetch games can be one of the best ways for canine pets to get a good amount of exercise with their pet parents. In order to play fetch with your pup, you’ll usually need a pet ball and any other supplies you want to enhance the game—like a dog ball thrower. When dogs play fetch—just like humans when they exercise—they release the feel-good hormone serotonin during physical exertion. These feelings can help make your pet feel great and naturally encourage them to continue playing until they are worn out. Plus, it can help them maintain lean muscle, keep their joints in good condition, and has cardiovascular benefits.

The classic game of fetch that we get from storybooks and cartoons is one where your pet chases a thrown dog stick. But many pet brands that Petco carries have evolved the objects used in a game of fetch with pet-safe and durable materials of all shapes and sizes. Some popular dog fetch toys include brightly colored pet balls, dog ball launchers, waterproof frisbees and many other toys designed to capture your pet’s attention.

A dog chase toy is something that you can throw for your pup to chase after and get lots of fun, stimulating exercise. Many dogs have a high prey drive—meaning that in the wild, their breed instinctually feels the urge to chase after small animals like rabbits, ducks or other small creatures. But there are lots of dog chase toys that bring out this exciting impulse and channel it into a fun workout for them. These toys might include tennis balls, frisbees, sticks, rope toys and more.