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The Best Ferret Toys for Your Playful Pet

When they’re not busy sleeping, your furry pal will be active and raring to go—which can make playtime lots of fun! But how can you tell which ferret toys are right for your small pet and which should be avoided? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about tunnels, tubes, and balls.

What types of toys are a no-go for ferrets?

Before we get into which toys are ideal for ferrets, let’s go over which ones to leave off your list.

If there’s one thing that ferrets love to do, it’s chew. They’re also extremely curious creatures, which is why you should keep them away from toys that are too small, rubbery, latex, or made of soft material that’s easily ripped. This will prevent your pets from chewing them to bits, accidentally swallowing or choking on them.

Best ferret toy options

There are plenty of other toys that your furry friend can enjoy. Since they love to chase and hide, hard ferret balls, similar to ping pong balls, are a fun option. You can toss balls to your furry pal outside of their cage, or they can play with them on their own when you’re not around.

Plastic ferret tunnels and tubes are also excellent for keeping our active pets occupied. Hanging fabric tunnels are another option that attach right to the cage. Ferrets love a good game of hide and seek (or sometimes just a game of hide), and both tubes and tunnels provide a safe, easy way for them to pull a playful disappearing act. Some cages even have ferret tubes built in to make it easier to get from level to level.

Many pet parents also like to connect two cages with a plastic tube or tunnel. No matter which type of ferret tunnel or tube you choose, make sure it’s large enough for your small pet to fit through.

With the right toys and accessories, playtime will be the best time for your ferret—and for you! Browse Petco today and explore our selection of tunnels, tubes, and balls sure to keep your furry pal entertained.