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Ferrets make smart, social and curious pets. Cute and playful, these members of the weasel family form affectionate bonds with their pet parents and will often love to have their own place to retreat. Surround your ferret with the best—from ferret cages to bedding to fun ferret toys, there are lots of options for keeping your pet comfortable and entertained.

FAQs About Ferret Supplies and Accessories

You can find a lot of small pet deals on solutions perfect for ferrets. Ferret supplies are like those of other small pets, but they also have specific needs. Start with ferret cages and enclosures, which offer them a place to rest, eat and enjoy privacy. Enclosures for ferrets are often tall and tiered to give them options for playing and sleeping. Make sure they have a comfy ferret bed, as they will often spend much of the day sleeping.

These pets can be incredibly playful, so supply your ferret with plenty of toys. They tend to be intelligent problem-solvers and often do well with stimulating ferret toys like puzzles. Colorful balls to roll and bat and tunnels to zoom through are other great ways to keep them active. Ferrets like to chew, so ferret toys specifically for chewing are important.

With a little training, you can take your pet ferret on walks and to the park. You will need a ferret harness and leash in the right size because these pets can be limber, and you want to make sure they stay secure. You can also toilet train your ferret, so a ferret litter box, along with the right litter, is a good way to start that process and give them a place to go in-between walks. If you’re worried about smells, small animal cleanup and odor control options can help keep things fresh.

Ferret food can typically be found with other small animal feeding supplies, though there are formulas made just for ferrets. They usually eat a high-protein diet, much of which includes meat-based proteins like chicken and turkey. Consult your vet to make sure your pet is getting balanced nutrition, as you may need to add small animal health and wellness solutions like supplements and vitamins.

Ferrets like to chew, so don’t give them anything that will break into pieces or that could become an obstruction. They do enjoy chewing on fabric, so make sure to remove any items with buttons or detachable parts like eyes. Strong chew toys are a good way for them to satisfy their desire to chew, while chew sticks in flavors like chicken or fruit make tasty treats for ferrets.

Chewing can help keep your ferret’s teeth and gums clean. But it can also lead to them ingesting items they shouldn’t. That’s why it’s important to supervise your pet as they enjoy chew treats and to clear their area of any items they might swallow.

Though ferrets are small, they do like to move around, so the ideal ferret enclosure is roomy with multiple levels. They also sleep a lot and get comfortable in small spaces, so a ferret hammock and hideaway that attach to their enclosure on different levels make cozy ferret beds. Other essential ferret enclosure solutions