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Tips for Choosing Ferret Litter and Bedding

Your ferret deserves a cozy corner of your home to call their own. One of the best ways to create a comfortable habitat in a cage is with appropriate ferret bedding and litter. Your small pet can even be litter trained for a better living experience for both of you! But before starting the process, make sure you have everything you need to set them up for success.

How do I litter train my ferret?

It may take some time, but with a little patience and a lot of planning and repetition, you can teach your furry pal how to use a litter box. And since younger kits tend to be easier to train than adults, the earlier you start, the better!

Choose a litter box with low sides that are easy to step over, but have a high back to keep accidents to a minimum. Set it up in a corner of your ferret’s cage, specifically in a space you’ve noticed that they’ve gone before, if possible. You can also put litter boxes in different rooms of your house for when your ferret is outside of their cage.

Secure the litter box to the cage to prevent your curious critter from moving or playing with it. If possible, leave a piece of your ferret’s feces in the litter box (both in the beginning of the training process and each time you clean it out) so it’s clear the box should be used as a bathroom.

Proven litter box training tips

Because ferrets typically go to the bathroom as soon as they wake up, try to place them in the box as soon as they start stirring. If they don’t go right away, keep putting them back in the box until they do.

When your ferret uses the litter box properly, reward them with loving pats and a treat for encouragement. If they do have an accident, don’t be discouraged! Just bring them right back to the litter box to help them make the connection. Clean the spot where they had the accident and try moving something over it (like a food dish) to prevent it from happening again.

Repeating these steps will let your little buddy know exactly where they should go when nature calls.

What type of ferret litter should I use—and how much?

Pelleted litter is a smart choice for ferrets since it’s ultra absorbent and helps control odors. Pellets are also simple to scoop and typically not very dusty, making cleanup that much easier. When it comes to wood, we recommend Aspen shavings. But both pine and cedar shavings should not be used since they can lead to respiratory issues in ferrets.

Since ferrets do not cover their feces, there’s no need to fill the box with litter. Simply spread a thin layer over the bottom so they know where to go. Worried about odors? Just make sure you clean their cage once a day.

Provide cozy ferret bedding

Aside from the litter box, another important part of your ferret’s cage is the lining that protects their feet. Petco carries bedding made from reclaimed natural fibers and paper-based substrate that work well and provide a cozy environment for your furry friend.

Just remember, a comfy ferret is a happy ferret—and a litter-trained pet makes for a happy pet parent. Get all the supplies you need to address your furry pal’s needs at Petco. Pet parents who are members of Repeat Delivery can have ferret bedding and litter delivered right to their door with free shipping and extra savings!