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hamster wheels: silent spinner, mouse & chinchilla wheels | Petco

Spin into Petco and shop the selection of hamster wheels or silent spinners to give your running rodent a workout.

In the wild, hamsters can cover as much as six miles a night exploring their environment. While you may not be able to give them the vast expansiveness of their natural habitat, you can offer them plenty of mental and physical stimulation with a hamster wheel. You’ll find Petco carries many types of these stationary toys from well-rounded ones suitable for most pocket pets, to quiet-as-a-mouse silent spinner wheels.

Although most hamster wheels are basically round, you’ll find that these exercise accessories do differ wildly in their features. Many of them are made up of a metal, as they resist chewing, and have rungs allowing your small pet to move the wheel along on their never-ending journey. There are also saucer-shaped exercise accessories made for giving them a smoother surface to sprint on, while also lessening the occurrence of bumble foot or other leg injuries. Pint-sized pals aren’t the only ones that love a gentle jog. You’ll find rat and chinchilla sized wheels that allow these larger pets to stay in shape, mentally and physically.

Most small animals are active at night which means they’ll be going for late night runs while you are ending your day. If your small pet’s habitat is in your bedroom or you are a light sleeper, Petco offers hamster wheels that are designed to be less noisy. These silent spinners still offer the same healthy stimulation but in a quieter package.

When your cuddly critter needs to stretch their legs, come to Petco for the hamster, mouse or chinchilla wheels to get them.