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Elevated Dog Bowls

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Elevated Dog Bowls

Are you looking for a new way for your pup to enjoy their food? Try raising their dog bowl higher off the ground. At Petco, we have double diners that hold water and food bowls up together, dog bowl stands with storage for kibble, bowls resistant to tipping, and even single raised bowls for those with floppy ears.

FAQs about Elevated Dog Bowls

Many dogs will enjoy the benefits of elevated food bowls. If you have a senior dog, large dog, or your pup has limited mobility, the right bowl could give them an elevated eating experience.

Your dog should be able to eat without straining their neck too far down or up. Therefore, the exact height of an elevated food bowl will depend on the size of your dog.

Some cases of Bloat (GDV) in dogs have been linked to eating from elevated bowls (in addition to eating quickly or excessively). If your dog has a history of Bloat, or is a deep-chested dog at risk, we recommend speaking to your veterinarian about the best eating solutions for them.

That depends! At Petco, we carry a wide variety of dog bowls to fit every dog’s eating habits and personal needs. From slow feeders to bowls specifically for long-eared pups.