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Dog Seat Covers & Protectors

Dog car seat covers are the best thing to happen to car rides with your best friend. We’ve all been there—car ride excitement (or nerves) can lead to excess saliva, upset stomachs and increased shedding. You may have tried putting a blanket or towel down, only to have it move once you start driving. These dog seat covers are designed to protect your car seats from your dog, while some even keep your pup contained in the backseat. And if you like these covers in your car, check out the dog furniture protection available in your house, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Car seat covers for dogs are a great option for protecting your car seats from dog hair, saliva and anything else that might occur while in transit.

That depends! First, make sure you measure the correct width of your seats. Then decide if you want one that’s waterproof, one that covers the bottom and back of the seat, or even one that acts like a dog hammock between the back and front seats.

Dog seat covers are meant to withstand anything that happens on your trip. Make sure you read the product details for care instructions.