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Your pup certainly looks cute in that sweater, but dog apparel isn’t just for them. You can wear equally stylish dog lover shirts, pajamas, shoes and bandanas, or buy them for your pup-loving friends and family for holidays and birthdays. Whether you want to match your pup, show your love for a certain breed, support rescues or spoil your pet-loving friends, we have the apparel you’re looking for.

FAQs About Dog Shirts and Apparel

We have matching Bootique pet onesies for dogs, cats and even guinea pigs and reptiles. Just choose the human onesie design you like, then find the matching design for your pet. There are pet pajamas, harness costumes and even one-pieces to choose from. Fall has never been so fun, and winter has never been so cozy.

Dog lovers will appreciate any gift that honors their favorite species. If you’re on a budget, consider dog apparel like a face mask or a T-shirt. Belt bags are another excellent option—they’re useful on walks and hikes to hold supplies like water, snacks and waste bags, plus essentials like keys and wallets. You can find great gifts for dog lovers at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center or online.

Yes—Petco sells BOBS dog shoes and apparel, including dog lover shirts. All BOBS dog apparel is made from ultra-comfortable fabric, like terrycloth or canvas, and designed to keep you and your pup cozy and warm. Plus, BOBS has donated millions to animal organizations to help dogs and cats in shelters around the country.