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Electronic Dog Fence Systems

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Electronic & Wireless Dog Fence Systems

If your home does not have a gated area for your pup to access, an electronic dog fence is a convenient solution to help keep them safe and secure. Wireless fences for dogs usually contain a transponder that sends an audio alert, static warning or a combination of both to your pet’s receiver collar when they get too close to the electronic wire border you’ve established. Many wireless fences use a buried wire, but there are also wireless dog fences that detect when your pup is getting out of range. Additionally, many kits come with training flags so your pup has a visual cue of their area’s safe zone.

FAQs about Electronic & Wireless Dog Fences

Electric fence installation will vary by product. In-ground systems will require wire to be buried in ground, while wireless systems require minimal installation and can be set up in only a couple of hours.

Electric fences work for all breeds and breed sizes.

There are always pros and cons to an electric fence and effectiveness depends on a pet owner's ability to properly train their pooch. Discuss whether an electric fence is an effective method for containing your dog with your veterinarian or dog trainer.

Electric fences do not harm your dog. Most systems give a warning beep and a small correction that will get your dog’s attention.

An electric fence is an underground system that emits a signal which can be picked up by your dog’s collar. When your dog approaches the line it will hear a warning beep followed by a buzz if they move closer.