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Dog treats and chews. Reward with tasty treats or dental chews to help support oral health.

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Dog Chew Toys

Does your dog love to chew? They’re not alone. Dog chew toys are essential for many pet parents. They can help your pup release energy and even get a mental workout. Dog bones and chews may even help stop destructive chewing by giving your pup something else to do.

FAQs About Dog Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. It helps them clean their teeth and keep their jaws strong, just like their wild counterparts. It can also help relieve boredom and anxiety and release energy—especially on a rainy or cold day. Dogs, especially puppies, also use their teeth to get to know their environment. Bottom line: It’s a powerful instinct, making dog chew toys a necessity for many.

Some dogs just don’t find chew toys tempting—but you can change their mind. Make sure you get dog chew toys in tasty flavors, like chicken, bacon or cheese. Get a few different shapes and styles, like rope toys, nylon bones and rubber bones, to see what they like. You can also try putting some peanut butter or cream cheese on the toy to get them interested.

If you have a power chewer, you know that the search for indestructible dog toys can seem never-ending. While many brands won’t guarantee that their dog toys for aggressive chewers are completely indestructible, you do have some good options. Nylabones or Benebones are extremely hardy, as are Kongs. There are even sturdy fabric toys, which typically come without stuffing and sometimes without squeakers to help their durability.