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Pet Carousel Beef Choo-Hooves Dog Chew

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Petco Natural Pig Ears
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American Prime Cuts Pig Ear Slices Dog Chews

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Petco Smoked Pig Ears
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American Prime Cuts Pork Snouts Dog Chews

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Red Barn Naturals Bargain Bag Dog Chews

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Petco Porky Slices

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Pig & Cow Ears for Dogs: Browse and Buy Pig Ear Treats & Hooves for Dogs

Petco has the pig ears for dogs, cow ears and hooves that pups crave. Pick from a diverse line-up of mouth-watering flavors to serve up to your pooch. Petco’s own natural pig ears for dogs are a real puppy pleaser, featuring a long-lasting, meaty flavor and satisfying texture that will leave your four-legged friends gnawing away for hours on end. Or, for the true meat treat canine-sseur , nothing beats the rich flavor and savory texture of smoked pig ear dog treats.

Pigs Ears for Dogs aren’t the only pork part available for your pup to pig out on. Head down from the ears to the feet, and have your mutt munch on a savory pair of Hooves for Dogs. These yummy treats are stuffed with a diverse range of flavors that your dog is sure to drool over, including smoked, bacon, and cheese. Hooves for dogs are delicious treats that satisfy your best bud’s taste buds and exercises their teeth and gums in the process, providing them with the tastiest jaw workout possible.

For pups who prefer beef to pork, Petco has an equally impressive and delectable treat for them to embrace with their teeth – cow ears. Cow ears for dogs, made from free range cattle, are a consistent favorite among pooches. Being naturally low in fat, high in protein, and easily digestible makes cow ears for dogs a healthy and delicious alternative to rawhide. Pick up your choice cut of pig ear treats & hooves for dogs at Petco today.