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dog car accessories: dog travel accessories for cars

Cruise over to Petco for a wide selection of dog car and travel accessories to keep your pup secured when you are both on the go.

Your furry family member loves being by your side, especially when you are going to hit the open road. You’ll find a plethora of dog car accessories and products that can keep your canine copilot safe and cozy when the wheels start rolling. Petco carries dog harnesses that are must-have travel accessories to keep your pup safely in their seat. For tiny terriers who like to look out the window like their larger canine cousins, you’ll find dog booster seats that are the ideal car accessories for pet parents who have pooches that like to sit shotgun.

Car accessories for dogs aren’t just limited to seating arrangements. You’ll also find dog seat covers providing the type of travel accessories that make the ride cleaner for you and more comfortable for your pup. Further, there are dog barrier travel accessories which help create a separate space so your pet can safely be a backseat driver.

For senior pets that may have trouble jumping in and out of your vehicle, Petco carries foldable ramps to give them a leg up. Many of these inclined car accessories for dogs feature a texturized surface helping your pooch have surer footing as they enter or exit your vehicle. These dog car ramps are the ideal accessory for elderly companions who enjoy journeying with their favorite pet parent.

Keep your pup secure and your vehicle’s interior clean with Petco’s selection of dog car accessories.