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puppy & dog potty training: pads & more

When you need to soak up your pup’s unwanted surprises, come to Petco for all your potty training puppy needs.

Canines of every age bring an abundance of joy and affection to our lives, which is why we would do almost anything to strengthen our bond with them. When it comes to potty training a puppy, a great deal of calmness and understanding are a must for pet parents. Fortunately, there are many effective techniques and items available at Petco that aid in potty training dogs.

When house training your furry family member, pet parents are encouraged consistent praise and rewards for eliminating outside or the preferred spot. Various types of puppy and dog potty training pads and litter, can assist in housebreaking hounds as these tools help designate a specific area for them to go. Your pooch will be peeing in the appropriate place in not time as long as you remain cool, calm and consistent when potty training your puppies or dog.

Meanwhile, some of these items can also assist in the care of an older pet with male incontinence, or a recent rescue that is still getting to know their new surroundings. This is when disposable and reusable pads, pet diapers and wraps equipped with sanitary inserts prove quite useful. When potty training your dog companion, spot train sprays and sprays that remove urine stains and odors are helpful as they discourage your dog from eliminating on previously soiled areas. If you have particularly stubborn or resistant pet, Petco offers puppy and dog potty training classes that can help you master their manners.

Accidents in and around your home are bound to happen, regardless of your dog's age, and Petco carries the potty training puppy and dog supplies to help you absorb any minor and major messes.