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dog rope & tug toys

Get your pup ready for a game of toss and tug with one of the dog rope toys from Petco.

As pet parents ourselves, we believe that play time is at the heart of growing the bond with our furry family members, and few games are as fun and engaging for both canine and companion as a tug of war match. With Petco’s long line of rope and tug toys for dogs, you won’t have to worry about running out of options. Choose from rope dog toys that twist and turn to provide layers of twine for your canine to chew on. Or pick up a knotted tug toy for dogs for a fun way to test your strength. You will also find dog tug toys with embedded squeakers and rope handles that help to hold their attention even longer, making for great interactive play between pet and parent.

For pet parents who enjoy a good game of toss and tug, a rope toy for dogs featuring a set of balls for them to wrap their jaws around can be just the right play time gift. Choose between dog rope toys featuring balls with squeakers or balls of twine to help clean their teeth and gums as they chew. Find the perfect dog rope toy for your favorite furry family member at Petco.