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Dog Multivitamins

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Dog Multivitamins

Dog treats are an excellent means of rewarding your canine for good behavior, obeying a command or just because. It can be difficult to choose the right dog food and treats for your pup. If you are looking for grain-free dog treats, Petco offers many great options to choose from. Our dog treats include small bites, jerky strips and even treats that can support dental health—all of which are grain-free.

FAQs About Dog Multivitamins

Dogs are as wonderfully varied as the pet parents who love them. The seemingly endless variation in dogs’ sizes, shapes and personalities are more than skin deep. With all that differentiation comes a wide array of potential health issues. Some dogs have skin and coat problems, and others are more susceptible to joint issues. Some breeds are prone to anxiety, while some need additional dog digestive support. Though certain basic nutritional needs are shared by all dogs, you can provide your pup with supplements that help to battle specific health concerns.

For dogs who have separation anxiety or who soil the floor when overly excited, you may want to look into dog anxiety and calming supplements. Large breeds often benefit from the boost of dog hip and joint supplements. And eczema-prone pups, like Golden Retrievers, can get skin repair help from dog skin and coat supplements.

Even when adding good vitamins for dogs to your pup’s feeding routine, you should always consult your veterinarian about the supplements you give your dog. Your vet can advise you on the right supplements and the right dosage and frequency of those supplements.

Your dog doesn’t need to have specific health concerns in order to benefit from a dog multivitamin. You can cover a broad base of nutritional and health needs with a daily dog multivitamin given at mealtimes. Remember that the best dog multivitamin supplement is one formulated especially for canine health. You should not give dogs human multivitamins unless directed to do so by a veterinarian.

When you’re choosing the best dog vitamins for your pup, look for a dog multivitamin with good ingredients, and choose a form that your dog will be likely to accept. The best multivitamin for dogs is one that can be taken consistently and easily. For instance, some pet parents have dogs who happily swallow pills—as long as they’re delivered with a spoonful of peanut butter. Others have picky pups who won’t accept pills in any delivery method—in which case a liquid multivitamin for dogs that can be mixed into food may be the way to go. Some of the best dog vitamins and supplements even come in the form of treats, so you can reward your dog and boost their well-being at the same time. As long as the dog multivitamin you choose has nutritious ingredients formulated to support your dog’s health, the best dog multivitamin supplement for your pup will depend on the form they’re most likely to accept.