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Pain Meds for Dogs and Puppies

Helping your dog during times of illness and stress is an important aspect of pet ownership. Dogs require specialized care when sick or in pain, so it’s important that pet owners find the correct pain meds for dogs, rather than relying on human remedies. Aspirin for dogs comes in many different varieties and assists with dog pain relief and helps tame inflammation. Petco’s selection of pain meds for dogs is formulated specifically for the unique needs of your pup.

In addition to pills and tablets, Petco offers pain meds for dogs in ointment form. Topical ointments provide a germ, water and fly barrier that helps keep your pet comfortable while they are healing. This form of pain relief for dogs also helps relieve topical conditions that may have a bacterial and/or fungal basis.

Dog pain relief can be a challenging process. Petco offers the tools you need to nurse your pet back to health and keep them living their best. Explore our selection to find the method that best serves you and your pet.