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Dog First Aid and Test Kits

While it can be helpful to have a dog first aid kit for hiking and camping, some pet kits contain practical solutions that can come in handy on short walks or even trips to the park. Being prepared for any situation you might encounter is the main reason the pet first aid kit was created, and now you and your canine can travel with the peace of mind that you have the right supplies should anything happen.

FAQs About Dog First Aid and Test Kits

You don’t want to discover you don’t have a first aid kit when you need one. Whether or not a dog first aid kit is suitable for you can depend on the activities you and your pup do together and how prepared you prefer to be. However, these packs can contain some useful solutions for everyday incidents.

At Petco, we have evacuation kits with simple supplies like extra dog food, water, and toys if you must leave your home and can’t immediately return. We have pet kits with antiseptic wipes for injuries caused by thorns or brambles at the park and antibiotic ointment if your dog gets into an altercation with another neighborhood pet. When your pet needs to wear a recovery cone, having supplies handy in case of infection or a popped stitch can be helpful before you can get back to the vet. Of course, we also carry dog first aid kits for hiking with much more intensive gear that can help you stay prepared when you’re in the wilderness, but the need to be ready can occur any distance from your home.

Your dog first aid kit list will depend on your needs, your dog’s possible issues, and the types of outdoor adventures you both enjoy. Here are some of the most common pet solutions to include in a pet first aid kit checklist. Most come in pre-assembled pet kits and are items that many pet parents find helpful.

  • Antiseptic/Alcohol Wipes Abrasions and scratches will likely be the most common injury your pet experiences outdoors. However, a simple scratch could become infected without wipes or wound spray—depending on your location and flora and fauna of the area.
  • Bandages/Gauze Part of preventing infection can include covering the wound after disinfection—otherwise, more infectious bacteria can enter the injured area. If there’s a serious enough injury that your dog is bleeding, gauze and bandages can be instrumental in stopping or slowing blood loss.
  • Gloves This can be another helpful solution to have when it comes to reducing infection. Sterile gloves can have various uses—from keeping dirt on your hands out of a wound during cleaning to removing sharp quills or stingers.
  • Water Whether you use a dog first aid kit or evacuation kit, you’ll likely want to include water. If you’re forced to evacuate during a natural disaster, you could have trouble finding fresh, accessible water until you return home. If your dog suffers an allergic reaction to an insect sting or bite, staying hydrated could help keep them comfortable on your way to the vet.
  • Pain Relievers Whether prescription or over-the-counter, pain relievers can reduce discomfort associated with injuries. Consult your veterinarian before purchasing or distributing pain relievers of any kind to your pup; on the off chance they have an adverse reaction.
  • There isn’t one correct answer to this question. A dog first aid kit can contain different supplies based on your activities. A hunting dog first aid kit will likely include different solutions than a dog first aid kit for hiking. However, choosing compact and portable equipment can be helpful when traveling, and keeping it fully stocked with essentials is a smart practice.