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dog ear & eye care | dog ear eye medicine | Petco

When your pup's peepers need clearing or their ears could use a cleaning, come to Petco for your dog eye and ear care medicine needs.

We love to see our pup's baby browns looking up at us with love, but it hurts us to see their eyes red and swollen. If the cause of their irritation is from a prevalence of pollen, then you'll find dog eye care remedies that help reduce itchy or dry oculars. For more serious ailments, you'll find dog eye medicine that helps combat KCS or cataract symptoms in your companion pet. Petco houses over-the-counter dog eye care products that help reduce inflammation and help get them back to feeling like their perky selves.

If you've noticed your four-legged family member shaking their head excessively, they aren't strongly disagreeing with you; rather they probably have an ear infection. Your dog's ears can become infected from excessive hair, moisture, or even mites, and it is important to give them medicine early on to help remedy it before it can get worse. You'll find a bevy of dog ear medicines at Petco, including products that tackle tough wax build-up along with others specializing in absorbing excess moisture in their canals. Many of these dog ear care products contain ingredients like aloe vera to help sooth them while the medicine takes effect. If your dog is suffering from ear mites, then you'll also find care products that help eliminate these parasites while also reducing the odor that goes along with these types of infections.

Help get your pup seeing and hearing clearly again with Petco's selection of dog ear and eye products.