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Dog DNA tests can be fascinating for pet parents who are curious about their dog’s origins and may also provide valuable health information about your animal. Here are a few reasons to consider getting a dog DNA test kit:

  • Dog DNA Test Kits can give you an idea of which breeds your mixed-breed pup is made up of. While no test is perfect, dog breed analysis using a DNA test kit is better than simply guessing your dog’s breed mixed based on their outward appearance.
  • Some municipalities, housing complexes and home owners’ associations actually require dog DNA tests to be performed on four-legged residents to ensure they’re an allowed breed, or sometimes even to make sure any feces left behind can be matched to the pup so that pet parents can be held accountable if they fail to clean up after their dogs.
  • Pet parents and veterinarians can sometimes pick up valuable health information from dog DNA tests. For veterinarians, DNA analysis may help them determine the proper course of treatment for an animal. Pet parents can learn which health conditions they should be on the lookout for based on their dog’s DNA test kit results, and it may also help them to care for their pet preventatively based on common health problems found in their dog’s breed.

Dog DNA tests aren’t one hundred percent accurate, but whether you’re concerned for your pet’s health or you’d like to know more about their origins, a dog DNA test certainly can help. They’re very simple to do, and the results might just be worth the wait.