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diapers for male & female dogs | male dog wraps

Come to Petco for male and female dog diapers and wraps that can help keep your pup's business private.

Accidents happen, but when they leave a mess, it can be bad for everyone. Fortunately, Petco has a selection of diapers for male and female dogs that work hard to put a lock on their leaks so you don't have to worry less about cleaning up unsightly stains. These diapers for dogs are designed first and foremost with their comfort in mind, and many come with adjustable Velcro tabs to ensure an easy fit.

If you'd prefer not to go through packs of one time use only wraps, you'll also find a variety of washable, reusable diapers for dogs at Petco. These dog wraps are designed with super absorbent microfiber pads, a leak preventing barriers, and quick-dry outer fabrics making them as effective as they are comfortable for your pup. Many of these female dog diapers can also be used when your pet is in heat, with included trackers to help you keep tabs on its length.

Diapers for dogs are also a great option for pet parents who may be traveling with a pup that doesn't enjoy the open road as much as they do. These diapers for dogs can be ideal if you are traveling during inclement weather or through an area with no convenient stops. If your pet fits the bill, a pack of male or female dog diapers can help stop leaks until you arrive at your destination.

Wrap your barker's butt in some diapers for dogs from Petco.