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Adaptil Sprays & Diffusers | DAP Dog Pheromone Diffusers | Petco

When your canine needs to keep calm and carry on come to Petco for Adaptil diffusers and sprays to create a more relaxing environment.

If your furry family member is trying to adapt to a new home, or they become nervous due to weather changes, this anxiety may manifest into whining, trembling, or destructive behaviors. This is where Adaptil and other dog pheromone diffusers come in. Dog Appeasing Pheromone, or D.A.P., diffusers let off a unique formula that mimics a scent that is released by female dogs while nursing their young, and acts to reassure puppies in stressful times.

Most pooches don’t have good poker faces, and display tell-tale signs they are under duress, like excessively panting, whining, cowering or hiding. Adaptil sprays can be used to spot-treat areas where your pet needs some extra reassurance. You’ll find applying several spritzes in their kennel or in the car before you leave may help them remain calm. Additionally, if your pup is afraid of the vacuum cleaner monster or other loud appliances, using Adaptil spray in the designated area can signal to your pet that they have nothing to fear.

If you are transitioning your pet to a new household or welcoming an adopted dog, a pheromone diffuser aids in letting them know that your house is also their home. Adaptil and other D.A.P. diffusers can be plugged in the room’s outlet near your pup’s favorite hiding place where they gently release their stress-reducing formula. These D.A.P. diffusers can help your pet remain calmer during a firework or thunderstorm event.

Help keep your pup from being a nervous Nelly or shivering Spot with the Petco’s selection of Adaptil sprays and diffusers.