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Dog Calming Collars

Watching your dog deal with anxiety can feel discouraging for loving pet parents who want to make their canine companions feel comfortable and secure. Fireworks, vet visits or the presence of other animals are all routine things that have the potential to make dogs feel uneasy. But pet parents don’t need to feel powerless when there are many anxiety-relieving aids available—including calming collars for dogs. These small devices can often produce big results when used as part of an anxiety treatment program for your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s grooming and bathing, other dogs or loud noises, there are plenty of potential pitfalls that can set off an anxious dog. Luckily, several possible treatments can help get nervous pups feeling peaceful again. One of the possibilities you might try is a calming collar for dog anxiety. These collars are infused with dog-specific pheromones that mimic the comforting chemicals released by mama dogs when they’re nursing their pups, creating a sense of security and well-being. Other dog anti-anxiety collars provide stress relief through dog-safe essential oils that can help promote calm and relaxation.

In addition to a dog anxiety collar, other methods for reducing anxiety in dogs might include behavioral training, desensitization, prescription medication, supplements and reassuring physical contact. Consult your veterinarian about what the best solutions might be for your pup.

Even with great dog training and loving pet parents, some pups are prone to anxiety—especially rescue dogs. And because dogs are so unique in their personalities and experiences, no single anxiety soothing treatment or technique works universally for all anxious pups. However, many pet parents find a calming pheromone dog collar helpful and effective as part of their anti-anxiety toolkit. Many dogs who wear a dog anxiety collar can better face their fears—from fireworks to car rides— without stress-related unwanted behaviors, thanks to the drug-free soothing, calming pheromones emitted by their collar.

Effective results are not always instantaneous. It may take about a week for your dog to show signs of calming down while wearing their dog anti-anxiety collar—so don’t despair if your pup doesn’t appear super calm and relaxed right away. And a dog anxiety collar is usually most effective when used in conjunction with other anxiety-relieving steps, so you may want to think about introducing calming vitamins and supplements or brushing up on some training—don’t forget the training treats.

Not all dogs respond to a dog calming collar in the same way, so you may need to work with your dog over a period of time to find out which collar works best for them. Petco stocks some of the most popular dog anxiety collars, so you can choose whether you’d like to try a calming pheromone dog collar or an essential oil-infused dog calming collar.

Calming pheromone dog collars typically last up to 30 days.