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dog bath towels & mitts

For super absorbent dog bath towels and mitts that make lathering easier, head to Petco to grab the supplies you need to get your pup squeaky clean.

While bathing your furry family member can be just as wet for you as it is for your pup, Petco has a few items that can make bath time more absorbing for the both of you. A dog mitt can make working up a lather on your pup’s fur a lot easier. These dog mitts usually feature a soft bristled palm that builds bubbles while massaging your pup’s skin. Moreover, these dog mitts work to remove dead hair helping your pup’s coat feel and look better. Some dog mitts do double duty and allow you to groom your pet in between baths and provide you a more tactile feel while brushing your pooch. If you’d rather have a glove-free hand, there are massaging brushes that can be used on a wet or dry pooch and still whip up suds and whisk away loose hair.

When it’s time to dry your wet Rover, make sure to have a dog bath towel handy. Unlike an ordinary towel, dog bath towels are designed to rapidly and gently draw moisture from your canine’s coat. Some dog bath towels use super-absorbent microfiber material, yet dry quickly so you won’t have to worry about a dripping wet cloth creating puddles on your floor. If you bathe your pup in the bathtub, don’t forget to pick up a drain cover to collect your fuzzy family member’s discarded fur. These simple, yet useful tools help mitigate any clogs your canine’s coat may cause.

For quick-drying dog bath towels and mitts made for washing and grooming, check out Petco’s bathing and grooming supplies.