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dog dryers & grooming: dog hair & blow dryers

Shop at Petco for dog hair & blow dryers and other grooming products for your fancy four-legged friend. Experienced pet parents know how messy cleaning up a dog can be – especially when they shed often or have longer hair. Petco has the dog grooming dryers you need for a faster cleanup that leaves less of a mess.

For some pet parents, bathing time for their dog can be a hassle, and cleanup is almost an exercise in frustration. Trying to towel down a feisty or rambunctious pup as they struggle to shake the excess water from their hair can be quite a challenge. Large dogs with thick fur can take even longer to dry off with an ordinary set of towels. For these parents, a dog dryer can be just the lifeline they need. Many dog grooming hair dryers work exactly the same as your own: by releasing adjustable streams of concentrated air that accelerate the drying process. These dog blow dryers work to push the leftover bath suds and dead hair from their coat, leaving them nice and clean which cuts down the time needed to brush their coat.

Whether you’re working to start a professional grooming business of your own or simply want the best cleaning option for your pup, you’ll find dog dryer products that will blow you both away. Choose from a selection of dog hair & blow dryers that send a steady stream of air flow through your mutt’s matted mane and leave them feeling fresh in half the time it would take to towel them down.