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skunk shampoo for dogs | dog de-skunk shampoo

When your curious canine gets a face full of stink, head to Petco to choose from the selection of skunk shampoo for dogs to help rid them of foul-smelling funk.

Skunks can be found just about anywhere, from suburban neighborhoods, to city streets and country cottages. Your furry family member is naturally curious about visitors in their area, and it doesn’t take much for one of these striped strangers to get spooked enough to spray your pup. You may think a trip to the grocery store for a ton of tomato juice may stop them from stinking, but unlike de-skunk shampoos, this home remedy just masks the smell. Moreover, many components of the skunk’s spray are slowly released each time your pup’s fur gets wet. Fortunately, Petco carries several de-skunk shampoos for dogs that help break down the odorous oils that causing your pup’s fur to be funky.

formula that breaks down the oils and components in the spray that make it so offensive. There are also lines of non-toxic dog skunk shampoos that use natural solutions to help get rid of the smell. These types of skunk shampoos for dogs are ideal for pups who may already have sensitive a skin issues.

If your pup has met the wrong end of a polecat, stop by Petco and pick up de-skunk shampoo for dogs to freshen up your furry family member.