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dog whitening shampoo | best white dog shampoo

Shop at Petco for the best dog whitening shampoo options to help restore and highlight their coat’s natural shine. Pet parents of pups with white or very light-colored coats know how involved the task of keeping their fur looking (and smelling) fresh can be. Petco has the whitening dog shampoo products you need to help keep their fur from fading.

If your snowy coated pup is especially playful and loves to romp around the great outdoors, keeping their fur at its brightest can be quite a chore. Several whitening dog shampoos contain clarifying brighteners, moisturizers, and other ingredients that work to enhance their coat’s natural shine to a polished pearl. The best dog whitening shampoos also aid in safely removing any discoloration without resorting to bleaching, so your pet’s coat is looking its natural best and brightest.

In addition to moisturizing and revitalizing your pet’s coat, many whitening dog shampoos are formulated to balance the pH of their skin and hair, so that their essential oils are maintained. You’ll also find dog whitening shampoos crafted to aid your pet in the ongoing fight against tough odors, and even spot-on fleas and ticks. Be sure to consult your vet to confirm your picking the right white dog shampoo for them, so you can give them a good scrub without worrying about their skin drying out.

For the brightly blanched barker in your household, pick up some dog whitening shampoo from Petco to help your pup’s coat shine brilliantly.