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Whitening Dog Shampoos

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Dog Whitening Shampoo

Pet parents of dogs with white coats know how difficult it can be to keep their pet’s fur looking its best. Their pristine white coat can look great when it’s clean, but they can be much harder to keep snowy than other colors of canine hair. The fur of any white dog is likely to yellow or accumulate stains over time and even more so with age, and sometimes regular pet shampoo isn’t enough to restore their sheen. Regular brushing and grooming can help mitigate the dirt and matting, but whitening shampoo for dogs can be a great option for keeping your pup white, clean and brightening their coat.

FAQs About Dog Whitening Shampoo

Stains and dirt can discolor your white pet’s coat. Your dog’s coat can typically be cleaned with a thorough bath using regular dog shampoo and conditioner or with cleaners and wipes. However, regular shampoo only cleans dirt and won’t restore color. It also typically won’t wash away the yellow discoloration that can generally occur due to pigmentation accumulating in the strands of your canine’s hair. For natural yellowing, pet parents will likely enjoy using whitening shampoo for dogs. Petco has dog whitening shampoo that’s pH balanced made with natural ingredients, and most can be used on dogs 12 weeks and older. These are perfect for whitening white coats or brightening other colored coats.

No, whitening shampoo for dogs is usually only used when you want to improve the natural appearance of your pet’s coat. Some whitening shampoos don’t contain soap and won’t work for regular shampooing during bathing but are fine to use with topical flea and tick solutions. Others whitening shampoos can help clean and whiten your dog’s coat and contain ingredients like keratin, aloe vera and coconut oil to help soothe their skin.

At Petco, our whitening pet shampoo is made from pet-safe ingredients and often developed using the same methods as human shampoo—some have even been tested on humans before hitting the market.

The only thing to be aware of when selecting a whitening dog shampoo is your pet’s skin sensitivities. Some ingredients in these whitening solutions can dry out or irritate sensitive skin. If you know that your pet has reacted negatively to pet solutions in the past, it may be best to find a shampoo that contains plenty of moisturizers in the ingredients. We also carry various vitamins and supplements to help if your dog’s skin dries out after bathing and dog treats to help keep your pup still while bathing them.