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dog shampoo for itchy skin | hypoallergenic dog shampoo

Head to Petco for a wide selection of hypoallergenic dog shampoos for allergies and itchy skin, and help keep your pup from constantly scratching their coat. Although it is perfectly normal for your furred family member to scratch every now and then, excessive clawing at a particular patch may signal an underlying skin condition. Luckily, Petco carries a range of dog shampoos for itchy skin that can help wash away whatever is worrying your pooch.

One cause of your canine’s relentless rubbing may be dry skin, especially for pets who live in areas of low humidity. Besides the constant kicking of your pooch’s back leg, you may also begin to see dandruff flakes in the undercoat and their skin may be cracked. Petco carries anti-itch dog shampoos that have soothing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and oatmeal which help free those flakes from your pup’s fur and soften their skin while providing them relief.

Some pets require specially formulated dog shampoos for itchy skin as they may be particularly sensitive to parabens, alcohol or fragrances in some products, causing them more irritation than relief. Petco has vast selection of hypoallergenic dog shampoos that are made with natural ingredients and don’t contain any soaps or detergents. Moreover, these dog shampoos for allergies are gentle enough to be used more frequently, helping you maintain the health and shine of your pup’s coat. Whatever dog shampoo for itchy skin you use, make sure to spend adequate time rinsing the product thoroughly off your pup to help keep any buildup from irritating your pooch. Talk to your vet to help you decide which product will be the best for your pup.

When your furry family member is spending more time scratching than fetching, than come to Petco for hypoallergenic and anti-itch shampoos to give your pup relief from itchy skin.

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