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dog shampoos, conditioners, sprays & deodorizers

Head to Petco to get the dog shampoos, conditioners and deodorizer sprays that will have your pup feeling and smelling squeaky clean. Most pups will happily skip a bath for more play time or another chance to roll in the grass. However, whether your pup realizes it or not, bath time is an important part of their overall care. Bathing not only helps keep your pup’s skin healthy and their coat free of dirt, it also allows you to check them for harmful parasites.

Just as with human hair care products, you’ll find that there are a variety of dog shampoos and conditioners formulated to attend to your pup’s particular grooming needs. If your pup suffers from seasonal allergies, you’ll find dog conditioners gentle enough to alleviate their itchy skin. You’ll also find a wide range of dog shampoos that specifically target fleas and ticks to help keep your canine’s coat clear of these creepy critters.

Petco also stocks deodorizers for those times in between baths when your pup may need a freshening up. These dog sprays are ideal for pet parents who love the joy their pup brings to their home, if not the smell. Many of the dog deodorizer sprays do more than just keep your pup smelling sweet. Some are formulated for pooches with longer coats to help detangle their fur and mitigate matting. This makes brushing your pup easier and more enjoyable for them, as well as keeping gunk from building up.

When it’s time to clean your canine and get that new-dog smell back, head to Petco for a wide-range of dog shampoos, conditioners and deodorizing sprays.