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dog nail grinders & files for dogs

Come to Petco for a selection of dog nail grinders and files that help make grooming less of a hassle. Nail grinders and files for dogs can be a welcome addition to many pet grooming kits, especially for parents with pups who enjoy pawing or jumping on them. As an added bonus, these dog nail files can help to keep your floors scratch-free by smoothing and rounding out your pup’s claws.

Along with being efficient and precise, nail grinders for dogs are designed to be comfortable to hold and are easy to use. You’ll find instructions for your dog nail grinder, as well as accessories so you can find the perfect length for your pup’s claws. Most nail grinders for dogs feature an adjustable speed, so you can go as fast or as slow as they feel comfortable. If your canine gets easily spooked by the sound of electric whirring, consider using a nail file for dogs instead. Their handle often features a secure grip, helping you keep hold while rounding out your filing down their nails.

Dog nail files and grinders are also a great option when you need to quickly and efficiently smooth out jagged edges that tend to pop up. As an added bonus, many dog nail grinders are multi-pet tools and can be used on your feline family member. Remember to slowly introduce your pet to these nail care tools and then reward them with yummy treats and praise during and after their nail appointment. Find the dog nail grinder or file that’s right for you and your pup today at Petco.