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Dog Nail Files & Grinders

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Dog Nail Files and Nail Grinders

Trimming your dog’s nails is an important part of a proper grooming regiment. Unruly nails can cause your dog pain or discomfort. In addition to nail clippers and scissors, nail files and grinders are another convenient option for trimming your dog’s nails at home. At Petco, you’ll find a selection of grinders and files that are comfortable to hold and easy to use. Keep in mind, it’s important to slowly introduce your dog to nail care tools. Some pets may be skittish around the electric whirring sound of a nail grinder. If you’re struggling to cut your dog’s nails with a grinder, a nail file may help.

FAQs about Dog Nail Files and Grinders

File the nail in a sweeping motion. Start from the back of the nail and follow the curve of the nail to the tip. Filing should help smooth out any rough edges on your dog’s nails.

We recommend using a nail file meant specifically for your dog’s nails.

If you know your dog is comfortable with you cutting their nails, take the grinder and begin to grind around the edge of the nail. Round the surface as you go. Continue to do so until the nail is the preferred length. Be sure to take your time, avoiding the blood vessel in your dog’s nails known as the quick.

This is going to depend on your dog. Scissor clippers are great for large dogs with thick nails, while guillotine clippers are ideal for small to medium dogs. A grinder or emery board file may be appropriate if your pooch is anxious around nail clippers.

It’s important to take your time when cutting or filing your dog’s nails to avoid injury. Just like humans, your dog’s nails can be cut too short, which can result in discomfort. Be sure to avoid the quick, or the blood vessel in your dog’s nail.