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dog nail clippers, grinders & trimmers for dogs

Shop Petco for the dog nail clippers, grinders and trimmers that will help you safely keep your canine’s claws at a healthy length. These dog nail grinders and trimmers are built to be efficient and easy to use, so your pup’s grooming sessions don’t interfere too much with playtime.

Without the use of dog nail clippers, your pet’s claws can grow to an uncomfortable length and potentially splinter, which can be quite painful for your pup. Although you may fear cutting them too short, many dog nail clippers and trimmers come with safeguards, which can help alleviate your worries about clipping too close to the quick. Because it’s important to be precise, many dog nail grinders also have a secure grip, so you never have to worry about them slipping through your fingers. And if you need a little guidance, many of the dog nail clippers at Petco are accompanied by detailed instructions, so you can feel more comfortable grooming your pup.

Dog nail grinders can also leave your pet’s claws smoother, which is welcome news for pet parents with hardwood floors. If your pup typically has a hard time staying still for a complete grooming session, you may consider using a dog nail trimmer to gradually cut their nails down to a more manageable length. However you decide to tackle your dog’s nails, remember to reward them for sitting through this vital part of their grooming. Browse through Petco’s wide selection of dog nail clippers, grinders and trimmers, to keep your pet’s paws in top form.