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dog tear stain remover & eye drops for dogs

Seek out Petco for tear stain removers and eye drops for dogs that will help clear up the waterworks. Choose from an assortment of dog tear stain removers and eye drop products that work to eliminate any unsightly blemishes that set in on your precious pup’s face. From rinses to wipes and even chewable treats, Petco has the dog tear stain remover options for most any cloudy-eyed canine.

If Fluffy’s fur is starting to look a little frazzled around their peepers, and you find their coat’s natural color is turning a darker shade, it could be a result of overflowing tear ducts. This can especially be a common occurrence among smaller dogs (due to their more prominent eyes, which tend to cut off the drainage to their sinuses) and is most noticeable on pups with lighter-colored fur. Whatever the cause of your pup’s ocular oddities, you’ll find tear stain removers and eye drops for dogs that can help clear their canals. The best dog tear stain removers work to clean up their blemishes from the inside out. Applying more than simple cosmetic clean ups, many tear stain removers for dogs also help relieve discomfort from dried mucous, pollen, or even loose hair that’s managed to irritate their eyes.

If your pet is averse to having their face wiped with a cloth, there are plenty of dog tear stain removers that come in a soft and chewy treat form. These delectable tear stain remover treats for dogs give them something tasty to munch on while helping lubricate their ducts to keep down overflows.

Help restore your canine’s clarity with some tear stain removers and eye drops for dogs from Petco.