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Dog Ear Wipes | Ear Wipes for Dogs | Petco

If your furry family member is having trouble hearing your calls, then it may be time to reduce their waxy build up with Petco’s selection of dog ear wipes. Your pup relies on their hearing to help them understand their surroundings. Ear wipes for dogs will reduce the risk of infections and irritations and help keep them aurally attuned.

While some pups may gladly sit for a good brushing, other dogs might show initial resistance to their ears being wiped. This foreign feeling can have your furry family member pulling away, until they have been acclimated to it. Fortunately, Petco carries lines of dog ear wipes that are safely effective and efficient in ridding your canine’s canals of crusty build up. These ear wipes for dogs use a soothing formula to help calm them during their cleaning. Moreover, dog ear wipes quickly dissolve wax build-up, so they can hear the call of the wild again.

As with any other grooming technique, it is best to introduce dog ear wipes slowly. Belly rubs and a calming demeanor go a long way to having your pup feel secure. If your pet is motivated by food, a bag of treats can be a rewarding incentive for sitting still when wiping your dog’s ears. Additionally, you’ll be happier knowing that regular use of ear wipes for dogs not only reduces the risk of infection, but also helps clear the air of lingering odors caused by clogged canals.

Help your pup pass the hearing test with Petco’s supply of dog ear wipes.