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shedding blades for dogs | dog shedding blades

If your pup’s hair is becoming a twist of tangles, head to Petco for a dog shedding blade to keep their coat from congregating on your carpet.

For pet parents who have pups with long, thick hair, seasonal blow-outs can give your floors a dog coat of their own. Although it may seem like there is no end to your pup’s loose fur, using a shedding blade for dogs can help strip away the accumulated undercoat and keep it from gathering on your furniture. Petco offers shedding blades that help you get your canine’s coat under control. These shedding blades for dogs are comprised of a looped piece of metal with saw-like teeth on both sides and a handle. There are also shedding blades that have a smooth edge to strip excess water after bathing or for sensitive areas like your pup’s underbelly. Shedding blades may look like they will irritate your pup, but when used properly they can provide your pet relief from matted or clumped fur. Moreover, these brushes are easy to clean. Usually, a shake of the shedding blade for dogs will release the collected hair so you can get right back to grooming your pet.

As with other brushes, it is important to keep in mind how to properly use a shedding blade for dogs. The dog shedding blade should be held as close to your pup’s skin possible without applying so much pressure that you hurt your pup. Additionally, pulling the shedding blade in the direction in which your pup’s fur grows will keep it from pulling on their hair.

Shop Petco’s selection of shedding blades for dogs when you need to manage your furry family member’s mane.