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dog combs: dog grooming & flea combs

Peruse Petco’s selection of dog grooming and flea combs to find pesky parasites and untangle your pup’s coat. Just as there are a variety of brushes that perform certain functions, you’ll find specialized dog combs that are great for discovering fleas, reducing mats or deshedding.

Because some pups aren’t as sensitive to flea bites as others, you may not realize that your pooch is housing a population of these parasites. Regular use of a flea comb will help you spot any issues before they get more serious. The fine teeth of these dog grooming combs space your pup’s thick hair helping you to see and remove these creepy critters and the eggs they lay. Further, flea combs are ideal for pet parents who have a pup that is too young for medications, but still needs relief.

Fleas aren’t the only reason to get a dog comb. If you have a long-haired pet, adding a dog comb to your grooming kit is a must for mitigating mats. Patches of matted hair can be painful for your pup if you try to brush through them. Dog combs designed to deal with these problem areas have teeth spaced far apart so they can move through and help untie those kinks and knots in your pup’s fur. If your pet is especially prone to matted fur, there are dog grooming combs that have rotating teeth to pass more easily through tangled tousles. Some dog grooming combs do double duty and help remove knots in the overcoat as well as loose fur in the undercoat to help minimize shedding.

Come to Petco to keep your kit fully furnished with a dog grooming comb and help your pup’s coat stay clean and flea free.