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Patio Dog Doors and Door Mounts

If you have a patio, side yard or backyard, installing a dog door can help decrease your pup’s reliance on you for taking them in and out to do their business. That’s good news for busy pet parents and independent pups—especially ones who have trouble holding it. And you don’t need a wooden back door to install a sturdy pet door. Petco has options for back entrances of all kinds, including patio dog doors and sliding screen doors with a dog door.

FAQs About Dog Patio Mount Doors

No matter how effective all those dog training treats were when you potty trained your pup, “when a dog’s gotta go, a dog’s gotta go.” For many households, a pet door makes sense. When deciding whether to install a dog patio door, pet parents are typically concerned with two main questions—whether a dog door is safe for their dog and whether it is safe for their home security.

Installing a patio dog door can be a smart and convenient solution for both you and your dog, as long as you choose a high-quality door that fits your dog’s needs and your home’s construction. At Petco, you’ll find standard doggie doors for traditional wooden doors, as well as plenty of pet doors for sliding glass door options or even a screen door with a dog door.

The best way to ensure your pet door is safe for your dog is to make sure the outdoor area they exit is fenced or secure. And to also select the correct size of door. This can help prevent tiny dogs from trying to push through large flaps or big dogs from needing to squeeze through uncomfortably small openings. Ensuring that your dog door is the right size for your dog can also help reduce the odds of having a large opening into your living space that’s accessible from outside, which some pet parents view as a safety concern.

However, even if you have a big dog who needs a big door, many pet doors have safety features that can help bring pet parents peace of mind. Many can be locked from the inside, so you can keep your dog door secure overnight or while you’re out of town. For an even more secure option, try an automatic patio dog door with a sensor that remains locked until your dog approaches and a microchip in their collar is read.

Measure your pup to choose the right pet door size. To select a suitable dog door, measure your dog from the ground to the shoulder. The top of the pet door should fall 1- or 2-inches above your pet’s shoulder, and the bottom should fall at an easy step-over height for your dog’s size—perhaps 1- to 3-inches off the ground.

You can put a dog door almost anywhere. Some dog doors are even installed right into the wall of a house. If you’re looking for a less invasive or less permanent solution, you can get a sliding glass dog door that fits into your sliding door without creating a permanent new opening and can be removed if needed. Each dog door for sliding glass door is constructed as a removable panel with a dog door opening. You won’t have to worry about going without a dog door if you don’t have a wooden back door.