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Human Grade Dog Food

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Top-Rated Human Grade Dog Food with High-Quality Ingredients

Treat your pet to a meal that’s good enough for you but made for them with fresh, human grade dog food from JustFoodForDogs and The Honest Kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term human grade (or food grade) refers to the quality of the finished product. Human grade dog food is prepared with edible ingredients in a way that is legally approved for humans to consume. It meets all federal food safety guidelines.

It can be. Feeding your pup a human grade dog food diet can help support strong muscles, better digestion and improved immunity With human grade dog food, dogs can better optimize the nutritional value of their meals.

The best human grade dog food depends on your pet’s specific needs. Many recipes are formulated with specific health needs in mind, like renal health or metabolic or skin support. Some recipes are grain-free. Your veterinarian can help you determine which brand and recipe best fits your dog’s individual health needs.